When I was 14, I hand-wrote four individual letters to my grandparents, asking them to share memories of their lives.  Looking at them now, I see most of the answers were, "I don't remember."  And yet, my curiosity about those early experiences of my parents and grandparents has stayed with me.  We collect family stories, we tell the funny ones, share the sad ones.  But so many are incomplete.  And shared only by the telling, someday can disappear.  

A life story shared is a priceless gift.  We value the past, and honor individual legacies. In the past a person left - if not piles - at least some paper:  letters, journals, something.  Our documentation has become more scattered, less organized, and sometimes harder to find.  As Personal Historian, I  can help you find, organize, and preserve those stories and memories for future generations.

I am a lifelong Michigan resident.  My years teaching English in high school and college have taught me the value of a story. I have developed the confidence to help you tell your story.  Through an interesting series of talks, or interviews, I can help make your story into a narrative for your family.  We will consult, make decisions together, and come up with a final product that is uniquely designed to your wishes and specifications.  

Telling the story of a life, or a history of an organization can take many forms.  I offer the written word in published form. If you have already recorded your memoirs, I can help prepare it for publication, following the project through to the end.   For many this becomes a sort of “It’s a Wonderful Life” scenario - which it is - a wonderful life.