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SORT AND PRIORITIZE PHOTOS AND DOCUMENTS:  I can help you with those boxes of pictures.

WEEKLY REFLECTIVE VISITS:  Weekly visits can be scheduled where we talk about the past.  This would include an interview/visit, and a transcribed copy of our discussion each week.  

** During your free consultation visit, I will provide process and pricing information and answer any questions you may have.  

MEMOIR WRITING:  I can write and publish the story of your life, or I can help your organize, edit, and print your own writing into a beautiful book that will last for generations.  

PRESERVE YOUR OLD LETTERS:  Paper falls apart.  I will transcribe and scan paper from your past.  It can then be published or digitally preserved.  

PERSONAL OBITUARY:  Written by you!  This piece of writing is the one that will last, and people will be looking at it years from now.  Make it personal!  It can be a reflective and really pleasant process.  Call me!